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Has this ever happened to you?
Your most important customer needs your product in his shop by 4:00. Is it going to make it? Probably not - because your delivery truck is stranded at the side of the road somewhere, out of service and about to cost you a bundle! Your fleet vehicles are important assets, an integral part of the first-class customer service that sets you apart from the crowd. Since your competition is always ready to step in should you falter, does it make sense to leave their mechanical readiness to chance?

Allow us to introduce AutoDoc Fleet Service. We're new to the Windsor area, and our services keep your vehicles where they should be - on the road, servicing your customers. Whether your fleet consists of light, medium or heavy-duty vehicles, we can provide full maintenance and repair services to you on either a contract or as-needed basis. Through our online service,, we provide full service histories for every vehicle, an important record if you have or are seeking ISO 9000 certification. We provide cost saving preventive maintenance recommendations, major repairs and offer 24-hour onsite-breakdown recovery for our fleet customers.

Mobile Service
Our customers save time and money because we come to them. Maintenance services are flexible and can be booked for your slack time, maximizing your vehicle usage. Stranded in the middle of nowhere? If we can find you, we can fix you! Need Major repairs done? Autodoc provides full repairs to all makes and models; from suspension work to electrical, computer diagnostics through complete overhauls, AutoDoc is your full service fleet maintenance provider.

Cost Benefits
We provide full repair tracking, accessible through our online customer access page, and keep you apprised of cost-saving preventive maintenance options. Our complete array of maintenance programs minimize your downtime, cuts the need for major repairs, ensures longer vehicle service life, increases fleet resale values and reduces your labour costs. Without a structured preventative maintenance program you can only wait for the next catastrophe. You have higher repair costs, longer downtime and more significant damage to your vehicles. AutoDoc's comprehensive maintenance packages provide scheduled pre-service inspections, written reports, regular preventive maintenance schedules, and complete vehicle repair tracking. AutoDoc Fleet Service keeps your wheels on the road!

Contact us today for a free fleet evaluation and to find out how AutoDoc Fleet Service can serve you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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